Stanley Power Tool

Six-foot-one, 185 pounds, is perfect height and weight, to my way of thinking. I like tall, and meat on the bones. Speaking of meat, the new meat at Rock Hard Wrestling, UK boxer and fitness model Will Stanley, looks ready for the grill, and though I have not yet seen this match (therefore, this is not a review) a wrestler can't have a much better start than to face Austin Cooper, 5' 9", 170#, in the ring. A match with Cooper guarantees fan interest and a challenging fight. RHW titles this release Initiation, raising certain expectations of the treatment Will will get at the hands of Austin, a handsome brute, who likes a clear pecking order from the get-go. The catalog description states that Will hopes to parlay his appearance at Rock Hard to greater visibility as a fitness model. That's a very smart move, career-wise. Whether he makes it as an underground wrestler, however, depends largely on what he's ready to bring to the ring. Based on the recently published still shots, I've put this one on my "must see" list.


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