Stunning and Stone Cold Six

Here's a game the whole family can play. I gave myself sixty minutes (clocked) online to find the six hottest photos I could find of Steve Austin, until now a shocking oversight in these pages. Here they are in no particular order. Feel free to attach URLs of your personal favorites in the comments section below.

Ordinarily a man has a particular age when he's at his physical peak. I'm struck by the fact that Steve, now 47, managed to find a great look that suited his personality in his twenties, thirties, and forties. My favorite is the top picture, though. Billed as 6'2", 252#, arms raised in victory in his thirties, his hairy pits for all the world to see, stomach thrust out disdainfully, the man in that picture embodies a turning point between the cable-TV catch wrestling of Dory Funk Jr, Harley Race, and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and the glitz-krieg of wrestling entertainment of The Rock, John Cena, and Randy Orton. 

I can't say whether Austin more represents the ending of the one era, which I grew up on, or the beginning of the other, which eventually turned me away from wrestling on TV, but his position on the timeline probably accounts for some of my ambivalence about the man, who, in most other respects, represents my ideal of what a great wrestling star should be.


  1. Love Stone Cold Steve Austin. So sexy. Hopefully the link works, but my favorite Steve Austin is bad ass, bald, black vest and black tiny trunks. Love him strutting in those plain trunks.


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