Up to No Good

Before Joey Cantrell and Shane teamed up to attack Eli Black last month, Joey apparently had the task of breaking in Shane. What we get here in UCW-Wrestling's latest release [199] is exciting stuff. 

Joey tries to give the newcomer a friendly welcome, and what does he get for his trouble? Shane sneak-attacks Joey, which says to me that, given his relative inexperience, smaller stature, and the width of Joey's mean streak, Shane and UCW may be a good fit. That kind of reckless young-dumb-full-of-cum nastiness has been what has stirred my juices over UCW for about three years now. And it looks like Joey's mean streak may have some serious competition ... not to mention a terrific outlet for his rage. If you like the sight of skinny, pasty-white boys punching each other's gut and wrenching each other's balls as much as I do, you will find plenty to love in this match.

These two are fit, regular guys who grew up on the idea that "it's only real if it's extreme." Where UCW boss BodySlam finds these guys I don't know. But I'm glad somebody somewhere keeps growing them like this. It's a sweetly nasty fight, both wrestlers having loads of fun hurting each other, and it isn't over until one of them gets clocked on the head and flattened, sputtering monosyllables in a horizontal position. These are bad, dirty boys, and they are up to no good, and I could not be more ready for more. 


  1. Not related to this post, but did you see your buddy Stoney Hooker was on WWE Raw last night? He faced Ryback in a two-on-one handicap match!

  2. I heard about it, and a friend sent me video of it. I wish I could be happier about the WWE part, but good for Stoney. He earned this. And he has a right to dreams of his own, even if they are not ones I would pick.


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