Big Tease

A lot of fans have theories about Cameron Mathews' sexuality. From the beginning of his underground wrestling career, he has teased us with ambiguous nods and winks. The perpetual tease infuriates some. Me, I like it. Straight, bi, or gay, the wrestlers I like the most are completely out of my league anyway, so their Kinsey number has no impact on my chances of getting into the sack with any one of them. My feeling is still that one's private life should remain as private as the individual wants it to be--with the sole exception being the use of privacy as a cloak for causing others harm. (For me, I made the decision some thirty years ago to live as transparently as possible--my name is, for instance, really Joe, and that's a recent photo--within two months--in my profile, for better or worse.)

Why do I enjoy the tease? Because it's fun. Because it eroticizes everyday life, even the parts that aren't ordinarily "supposed" to be sexy. Because it encourages us all to drop our inhibitions. Because it frankly acknowledges that sex's impact is not limited to marriage, procreation, or other private territorial claims. Because it acknowledges that sexual attractiveness is a good thing and nothing to be ashamed of. Because, in the wrestling world, it addresses the elephant in the room, which is that wrestling has a hotness factor just short (if short at all) of three-way sex in a vibrating pool of lube.

Take, as a case in point, Thunder's Arena's Battlespace 23, arguably Cam's most sexually provocative wrestling match to date. Thunder's presents itself as a fun site for wrestling, but it shies away from overt eroticism--no cum shots, no closeups of buns or hard-ons, no nudity. Plenty of innuendo, but nothing overt. In Battlespace 23, the setup is that Cameron has met a guy online, that the guy has offered to pay him for a private wrestling session, that other services may be negotiated later. (In reality, Cameron has at times made himself available as a "wrestler for hire"; he even offered me a training session once, quite a few years ago, in the MySpace era, but I couldn't clump together the nerve or the cash for it.) When Brenden Cage (the guy) arrives, he announces that underneath his street clothes, he's wearing wrestling trunks, and underneath those, he's naked. Cameron nods appreciatively and says, "I like that." As the two strip down to their gear, they take undisguised delight in feeling each other's muscles. When Cam urges Brenden to slip out of his pants, Brenden quips, "I knew this was the right number to call." When Brenden gets on hands and knees in the referee position, ass extended, Cam wisecracks, "That's gonna cost a bit extra." Given that in other underground matches, some wrestlers use words like "faggot" and "queer," freely and sometimes aggressively, the light touch here is refreshing.

BS 23 touches on a somewhat darker element in private wrestling, too, though in a characteristically "light and entertaining" manner. At first, Brenden pretends to be inexperienced as a wrestler. Cam offers to go easy on him, but Brenden waves off Cam's kid glove treatment and keeps pushing for rougher and stiffer holds. In time, it becomes apparent that Brenden is actually a strong and accomplished wrestler, and it also becomes apparent that he wants to dominate Cameron in more than just the sporting sense. I won't give the ending away, but the upshot is that Brenden is a sneaky heel, and the storyline touches on the risks of a private match turning into molestation or gay-bashing. The situation is not played as heavy as I just made it sound, but the threat is more than implicit, thinly veiled as "funny business." Still, I think Cam and Brenden make an effort not to put the erotic aspects of their battle in a bad light, but to distinguish consent from coercion. 

What sets this match apart from many of Cameron's other matches is that the "tease" is right there on the surface, not lurking underneath. Like Big Sexy and some other Arena stars, Cameron is careful not to insult his gay and bi fans, by which I mean "insult" their dignity and their intelligence. If the tease also shields the delicate sensibilities of those less kinky than I am, it at least shares a private joke with me in the process.


  1. I really liked Brendan Cage with Big Sexy, so I bought this. It wasn't as good, but Brendan is awesome. I'm not sure if he'll appear again, but I'm hoping he wrestled Dominic in the same fashion as he wrestled with Big Sexy.

    I only watched this match once, but I thought it showed Cameron as willingly playing along with the banter and interaction. I think it felt light, playful and flirtatious to me. It certainly didn't take me to a dark place, because I'd remember that..

    1. I agree with you on Cage vs Sexy, an awesome match. This one is more story oriented, less wrestling. Playfulness and flirtatiousness are the sole selling points for me. The recent Cam vs Sexy match is well worth checking out too. I mentioned it here late last month:

    2. Thanks, I always appreciate your recommendations. I will check it out. There was just something about Sexy/Cage for me - playing up the age difference, the cockiness, the focused punishment, "victim #2". I actually edited it down to a great 12-minute squash job as another option to watch. I think it holds together very well.


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