This blog has featured the guy five times this year, twice last month. Jason Rhodes, known to BG East fans as "the Mastodon" Morgan Cruise, is one of the most exciting new brutes on the underground wrestling scene. (He also goes by Cruise at Muscle Domination Wrestling, a company I have had too little experience with to comment on.)

A Facebook friend and reader of this blog wrote me this morning to alert me of Rhodes's web site (thanks, pal!) and say, "His intensity and sadistic mean streak is no less than BBW [Brooklyn Bodywrecker] and KL [Kid Leopard] or any of the ultra-heels ... can't get some of those images out of my mind." 

I agree, totally, having referred to Cruise last month as "the crooked motorcycle cop of my fantasies" and, too, declared that he "steps into the shoes of Brooklyn Bodywrecker, Brook Stetson, and Shane McCall, darkly menacing bad guys with hairy, he-man chests." 

The images Jason/Morgan posts on his eponymous site (with 3-D options, no less!) are certainly the sort to scorch any pro wrestling fan's imagination. Morgan Cruise ranks as a top new find of 2012. Check out the site for yourselves, which features many more shots of Rhodes squashing Damien Rush, whom Cruise creamed (and lots of us creamed over) in BG East's recent Strip Stakes 3), and let me know what you think.


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