He has sexy seeping out of his pores. Gil Barrios, 5'9", 165#, is nature's child. He can't get naked fast enough. He loves to wrestle. He seems to be engineered to hurt guys incautious enough to pick a fight with him. He's BG East's most infectiously exuberant wrestler. I love the guy from his ebon ringlets and insouciant smile to his hairy calves.

In BGE's just-released catalog, Wrestleshack 15 pits Gil (pronounced zhieuw in Portuguese) against Christian Taylor, 6'2", 175#. Thinking he's alone in the shack, Gil is doing chin-ups on a horizontal beam when Christian sneaks up on him and slugs him in the abs. Gil drops to the mat, gasping, and Christian scissors his waist. No doubt Christian thinks catching the man off guard gives him his best chance of dominating him. Even such precautions are not enough, though. The powerfully built Brazilian rises to his feet with Christian's legs still clinging to his hips.

It's a fast-paced match, with plenty of give and take, but Gil maintains an edge for most of it. He puts Christian in a paralyzing hold and strips his shorts off. Then he strips his own shorts off. "You wanna wrestle? Come get a taste of this!" His choice of the word "taste" is sensuously literal. Without realizing it at first, I start licking my lips.

The two men wrestle in their briefs (which too will come off by the halfway point of the fight). Christian has size and experience over Gil. He knows the holds, and he knows enough to try to attack this fireball on his blind side. Gil finds Christian's rangy build difficult to manage, so he assails him psychologically, issuing threats and dares, and using his superior muscle to debilitate Christian limb by limb. He's also faster and more spirited than Christian, almost indefatigable. At one point, he has his opponent prone on the mat, seemingly unable to move, and through sheer excess of energy Gil leaps up on the beam (site of Christian's initial assault) and triumphantly swings like an ape over him.

Christian has to catch his wind from time to time, but his rebounds are sudden and forceful. This match is full of unexpected turns. Gil seems not to know any limits. Perhaps he doesn't know his own strength; his strikes on his opponent are sharp and devastating, but he seems coltish and unspiteful, his smile never more dazzling and disarming than when Christian screams in agony.

I haven't seen Gil in a bad match yet. This one ranks up with his Wrestleshack 12 pairing with Skip Vance for intensity and sensuality. It's a perfect summer evening entertainment. You'll fall in love with Gil, but you might want to think twice before you get on a mat with him.

WS15 is also available on Summer Sizzlers 3, clustered with three other must-see matches. 

I have removed some photos featuring explicit nudity from this posting because they belong to The Arena at BGEast, which owns exclusive rights to them.


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