In One Person

"I developed a distant infatuation with a striking-looking boy on the wrestling team; it wasn't only that he had a beautiful body. (I say 'distant,' because initially I did my best to keep my distance from him--to keep as far away from him as I could get.) Talk about a crush on the wrong person! And it was not my imagination that every other word out of many of the older boys' mouths was 'homo' or 'fag' or 'queer'; these purposely hurtful words seemed to me to be the worst things you could say about another boy at the prep school." from In One Person, by John Irving (2012)


  1. Funny you should post this as I am in the middle of this book now and enjoying it thoroughly. Never thought John Irving was bi but this book sounds like he "knows" what he's talking about. A great read.


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