Because of this guy I'm planning on going to Chikara's October show in North Carolina, even though my dominant impression of Chikara is still that it's mainly for kids--colorful costumes, over-the-top mugging, not altogether convincing holds. I'm hoping to be proved wrong. But mainly I'm hoping to see this guy in action again. Seeing Jigsaw at Evolve 12 in Charlotte a couple of months ago, I was struck by not only his physique and his ring savvy, but also his easy approachability during the intermission. Jigsaw, 6'2", 173#, has a sensibly strong athletic build, neither chiseled iron-man brawn nor skin and bones. In Charlotte he fought and lost to Low Ki, who then proceeded to badmouth him nastily in a long post-match harangue, basically stating that Jigsaw insults the masked tradition of greats like Jushin Liger and Rey Mysterio. As is typical of Ki, the harangue was hard to read as either serious or kayfabe, but the truth is that Jigsaw put up a great fight, with some of the best moves of the match, including a flawlessly executed diving hurricanrana. These shots are by photographer Lyle C. Williams, shooting two 2012 Chikara shows, The Thirteenth Hat in January and Chikarasaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur in June.


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