Power Play 2

In Battlespace 31, Impact, 6'1", 205#, cuts loose on Brock, 6', 209#, having not yet finished picking all of Mogly from between his teeth (to clarify, Thunder's Arena released the second battle before the first). Brock is bigger than his fraternity brother, closer to Impact physically, a few pounds heavier, an inch shorter. This is not as easy a squash as Mogly was. Brock, whose main sport is football, knows a bit more about grappling, if only (perhaps) by instinct. If Mogly incensed Impact by saying the new Arena attraction was too strapped for cash to enter their fraternity, his pal Brock hits a nerve when he claims that Impact's massive muscle came by other means than long hard work at the gym. I find this match more satisfying than Impact-vs-Mogly because Impact and Brock are well matched in body, blondness, and boldness ("Impact here, fucking awesome, but you guys know that already"), and the two wrestlers seem more invested in giving each other what-for. 

I have now seen enough of his matches to conclude that Impact is no fluke. On top of his startling good looks and chesty baritone voice, along with a cocky backward tilt of the head that melts me, Impact knows how to wrestle. He knows how to bend and bind an opponent's body with his own and seems to relish the sensation of muscle straining against muscle. It helps, too, that he sweats buckets, giving his taut skin a lively sheen as he works up steam. Since I like bouts between equals, I find this match immensely satisfying, perhaps more so than some of you who prefer straight-up squash jobs will. The fight is mostly good natured, yet strenuous and intense. I've grown particularly fond of the way Impact bears down on an opponent chest to chest and belly to belly and then slides up the guy's torso to more securely pin the shoulders to the mat. Impact hits all the points for underground wrestling greatness: he's got the classic pretty-boy looks, the killer bod, the knowledge of holds, the cocky attitude, and that extra something that seems tied to a wrestler's willingness to throw his energy and heart unstintingly into the action. Impact has all that, and next to Big Sexy and Z-Man, he is the Arena's biggest and brightest find to date.


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