High-Flyin' Douchebag Gets His Ass Jacked Just for Stepping in the Ring with Brian Cage


West Coast wrestler "Pretty" Peter Avalon has his good points, to be sure. He's got balls, stepping into the  squared circle with big and meaty wrestlers with elbows bigger than his skull. He swaggers about, mocking Brian Cage-Taylor's muscle-packed physique, undaunted by the fact that the guy outweighs him by sixty pounds. Some people would say he's just asking for it. (Brian is not Peter's first shot at the "Fightin' Taylor Boys," having feuded with Ryan Taylor last year and facing him in a steel-cage match this past February. He's had multiple shots at Brian, too, not always unsuccessfully.) At the halfway point Peter gets a couple of lucky two-counts on Brian, the guy some people call "The Fucking Machine." But he never gets the momentum from his fancy-ass highspots to take his opponent out. This match is a typical little-guy-takes-on-big-guy debacle, with Avalon flashing so much sass and attitude that probably even his own mom looks forward to seeing the little spaz get creamed. Sweet, eh?


  1. I love watching Peter Avalon get his ass kicked. He jobs really well.


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