Intercrural Sport

Because the ancient Greeks considered anal penetration demeaning to the bottom, they came to prefer diamerizein, or thigh fucking, as a chummier substitute. The position's American nickname is the "Princeton first-year"; in the UK it is sometimes called "Oxford style." One of the safest forms of homosexual or heterosexual contact, it is also one with a high level of plausible deniability as "sex." Forty years ago in Christian college I once or twice practiced it with straight-identified roommates (even at a time when I still considered myself unquestionably straight) without feeling much more than a fleeting spasm of homosexual panic. For my partners it seemed hardly to count as sexual contact at all, just a coda to a hard-fought wrestling match, albeit an intensely private coda. 

In wrestling, clenching an opponent between your legs is erotically charged, thus the sort of hold one now sees less of in "family-friendly" professional wrestling shows. I'm beginning to think its decline in pro wrestling is one of the reasons pro wrestling today interests me less than it did in the early 1970s, when thick-thighed warriors like Jack Brisco, Terry Funk, and Curt Hennig employed scissor variations with no apparent qualms. About a year ago I saw a YouTube video of a recent match in which fans heckled two wrestlers who used scissor holds, shouting, "Nobody does that anymore!" Well, too bad. Fortunately, we have gay wrestling producers like BG East that still provide plenty of groin and adductor muscle clamps. Yet even there and at other gay wrestling sites, straight-identified and more discrete wrestlers tend to keep the point of contact closer to the knees than to the testicles. As I see it, wrestling is 40 percent shoulders and 45 percent thighs, 15 percent the rest of the body. Here are some pictures that illustrate the timeless appeal of some of my favorite thigh-masters:

Aryx Quinn on Mitch Colby

Cameron Matthews on Austin Cooper

Kid Vicious on Jarret Cole

Ricky Martinez on Jarret Cole

Marcelo Muscle on Kobi Mizuki

Patrick Donovan on Brandon Aldrich

Patrick Donovan on Kid Vicious

Patrick Donovan on Sean Patrick


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