Axel Makes His Bones

Slimeball Angel Estrada needs Axel to take him down a peg or two. The Latin Lover respects no rules, knows no boundaries, and shows no mercy. Like his pal Joker, he's a batshit crazy heel who's fun to jeer, and in an over-confident skinny guy kind of way, he's sexy, too. Not, mind you, as sexy as Axel.  

Axel Lee is a busy guy since assuming half the reins at UCW-Wrestling earlier this summer. He just launched Freestyle Combat League, an offshoot of UCW--for those who find the ball-grabbing, gut-punching, and throat-choking style of UCW too genteel. I have visited the site, which promises "real fights for real men," but not yet watched any of the fights. The roster looks hot--four fighters so far: Axel, Eli Black, Rico, and Simba. All these guys are trained in combat arts, submission and freestyle wrestling, and boxing. It looks something like UCW meets the old NHB-Battle meets Fight Club.

Rumors also place Axel in the vicinity of BG East a couple of weeks ago, shooting separate matches against newcomer Lorenzo Lowe and Kid Karisma. (Can't wait!) This will put Axel out before the public on three--no, wait, four--fronts, along with UCW, FCL, and Rock Hard Wrestling. Five, if you count the now-defunct NHB-Battle. 

Angel pearl-harbors Axel in this match [#223], thus gaining the advantage and an early lead. Axel takes a pounding and takes it like a man. But no way is Axel gonna let Angel get off scot-free. Much of this fight between these two evenly matched athletes is give-and-take, with a fast, surprising, and tasty finish that's very satisfying. For a straight guy, Angel knows how to slather on the homoeroticism for us kinksters, and Axel is full of his puppy-dog charm and earnest nobility, everybody's dream kid brother. It's pretty much "classic" UCW for us fans and an excellent first stop for those of you unfamiliar with UCW's product. 


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