I am whetting my appetite for Braden Charron's invasion of Thunder's Arena, having not yet seen either of the newly released matches. In one (pictured here) he faces Arena stalwart Angel; in the other, blond trickster Tak. On the whole I think the cross-pollination of underground wrestling sites is a good thing for everybody. (I might add that the pollination is also between species, as underground wrestling sites are also exchanging, um, seed--sometimes you just have to ride a metaphor till it collapses in a bloody heap--with independent (straight) wrestling promotions, gay porn sites, and even fan-based message boards and blogs.) I'm happy to see that, so far, each site brings out something different in the shared talent. Thunder's specializes in mat wrestling, frat-house-style hijinks and big burly guys determined to put their mounds of muscle to work. In Round and Ready 30, Angel looks unimpressed with the new guy. He's taken on big guys before and made short work of them, thus assuming that Braden will be one more musclebound lug he can toss on his stack of conquests. Based on these photos alone, I would guess that Braden puts a dent in Angel's hasty generalization. Inevitably, wrestling sites will rub off on each other. My hope is that they grow and improve as a result, without losing their edge and becoming carbon copies of each other.


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