No Frankie, No Annette

Monday, a guy I have been creating fantasy wrestling matches with once or twice a week for the past three years or so told me about the latest release at Black Wrestling Network because, he said, it looked like video might be catching up with our fantasies. By that, I think he meant pornified no-holds-barred fight action, featuring sadistic he-men as often as not in gleaming blood-flecked cages or in the great outdoors. 

In Beach Bully 4, beautiful and oh so bad newcomer M.D.K. (Murder Death Kill) horns in on Flex's photoshoot on a secluded beach in Fort Lauderdale. Flex understandably objects and M.D.K. begins to pound the shit out of the pretty male model, right there on the sun-baked sands amid the tumult of storm-tossed waves (the video was reportedly shot while Hurricane Isaac was making its way around the southernmost tip of the Florida peninsula). 

BB4 (which might easily be subtitled "Squash and Splash") is BWN's first video shot entirely on the beach, and introduces buff and bellicose M.D.K., a Miami-based indy wrestler (on the rosters at ICWMiami and WXW), in a stunning underground wrestling debut that stints nothing in brutality or manly pulchritude: "We got the pain. We got the agony. We got the punishment." If you are not yet willing to cough up the $59 for the dvd--sharply produced, like all the BWN products I've seen, with some of the boldest, roughest fight action you're likely to find anywhere in underground wrestling--you owe it to yourself at least to check out the four-and-a-half-minute trailer. No company combines hot combat action and cinematic storytelling better than BWN.

This may be the perfect video to see the summer out, which started when Magic Mike made me pine for the Gulf Coast nightlife and now closes with built-like-a-brick-shithouse M.D.K. stalking the kink-infested waters on the Atlantic side. I'm ready for more M.D.K. ... year round.

(Thanks to Alex at BWN for the photos)


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