$500,000 Fine

Two favorite wrestlers in one ring: Ashton Vuitton versus Samuray Del Sol. I saw Samuray live earlier this year in Charlotte, and he was amazing. Of course, Ashton can just remove an article of clothing and I am entertained. He's an excellent ring performer, too, and over the last couple of years he's gotten better. Before this Resistance Pro Wrestling match starts, he antagonizes the fans by castigating them for not being beautiful enough. Reportedly there's a $500,000 fine for just touching his handsome face. (Anybody else think Samuray might give that moneymaker a good chop before the end of the bout?) And in the grand and glamorous tradition of "male model" heels, he flees the ring whenever his opponent gets the upper hand. I love this kind of shit. The match, originally aired on Sunday, is fast and fascinating. My only complaint is that there's not enough mat and corner work.

I have to side with C-Red, co-commentating on this match. Like him, I am not a fan of high-flying "flippity floppin'," though it is undeniably impressive and often exciting.  I like acrobatics as much as the next guy, and it ranks close to wrestling as one of the things I like to watch, but it is not wrestling. Not in my rulebook. This match's best moments happen when Ashton and Samuray corner each other, pummeling each other with their boots, and when, in the contest's final moments, they pull some serious mat moves and tangle themselves together in a knot. Setting up the next aerial feat is just time not spent in showing these two men locked in each other's sweaty clutches. That's what I think, anyway. You can watch the entire program here. Vuitton-vs-Del Sol begins at about the seven-minute mark. It's a good one!


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