Extra Pretty

Thunder's Arena is upping the bar with the videography of its latest releases. In Mat Rats 24, in which handsome Lance Romance tries the mighty Python on for size, the camera pulls close and tight on the action for added intensity and throws in an occasional low-angle shot to convey the majesty of epic heroes in a life-or-death struggle. The result is a more exhilarating and involving contest than we have seen here before.

Of course, credit is mostly due to the wrestlers. Python, though still a bit reticent in front of the camera, no longer seems petrified by it ... or the least bit intimidated by his competition. The guy's deer-in-the-headlights affect is mostly gone. He even talks some trash. With this release, I have begun to reassess his deadpan style and the way he grins shyly when he's pleased with himself or enjoying his command over his man. I now find his genuineness a refreshing break from the usual macho posturing in wrestling. But make no mistake ... I do love me some macho posturing! And Lance Romance is the guy for the job. Lance is dashingly good looking, and his best feature, as far as my tastes go, is his hairy, bulging thighs, which get a stiff workout as he maneuvers against his opponent's thicker, solider upper body.

At the beginning, Lance fawns over Python's iron-like musculature, which, as Python points out, is the product of clean living and a strict workout regimen. It's clear that Lance is itching to put Python's brawn to the test against his own. When Python generously offers Lance some fitness tips, suggesting that Lance run more, for cardio health, Lance retorts that the only running he does is "from the police." Lance is all about appearances and cocky attitude, boasting that he is "extra pretty." ("Pretty ugly" is Python's comeback.) So the stage is set for a battle between primping and training--a classic wrestling set piece that always stokes my fires.

This is one of the Arena's best matches, and the best introduction to its two stars. Python is much more controlled and smooth than I've seen him before. Lance is a good foil for him, too, beautifully selling every move and setting off Python's candor and rectitude with his own brand of oily smugness. These guys are good looking, pumped up, skimpily attired, and all over each other. MR24 is well paced and exciting, definitely worth checking out.


  1. I really enjoy watching Lance Romance. I like his body and his attitude.

    I can't really tell for sure about this, but I think he did a porn video a few years ago. Look for it in http://sg4ge.com/tour/tour_men.php?nav=17&order=&scene_type=
    under Tyler and Sara. I actually watched the movie on a VOD website and it really looked like him (just younger and less ripped).


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