Fever Pitch


"Double D" Dave Dutra (in red trunks) just uploaded to YouTube this video of his epic encounter (their fourth) with "Rock Legend Scum" Adam Thornstowe in June at Pro Wrestling Bushido. Dutra, 5'11", 212#, and Thornstowe, 5'9", 216#, are well matched in physique and grit at the apex of a heated yearlong feud. We've got two big men and two gigantic egos here, and Dutra's is way, way, way out of control. Dave wants to showboat, and Adam just wants to take care of business. It's an old-school battle, and I'm thankful we've got wrestlers and promotions that still do these kinds of bouts. These men take their aggression out to the cold concrete floor and thunderously confront each other on the ring apron. I like these guys, and this fight is one reason why. (The finish, some of you may notice, is right up my alley.) 


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