Nothing is scarier than Axel in drag wrestling a werewolf. Somebody must have told the former champ he'd look cool in a hoodie. He went the whole nine yards with puffy sleeves and a lace-up corset, too. The cumulative effect is basically Frank-N-Furter meets Rhoda Penmark meets Jason Bourne. In its first holiday release [#233] of the year (I don't recall a Valentine's or Easter special--though a bunny-versus-Lamb-of-God match would be right up my alley), UCW presents a twist on Little Red Riding Hood, with the hardly hapless Axel in the lead, fending off a wolf, a ghoul, and a zombie. 

I've been watching the company's special Halloween video in snatches between visits from wandering packs of ballerinas, superheroes, and creepy fourteen year olds in "Scream" masks begging for candy. (I give good candy. Dark chocolate with almonds.) I love the spirit of fun the UCW guys bring to every project BodySlam's fevered imagination comes up with. This one put a smile on my face (all right, more like a smirk).

Thunder's Arena also has a Halloween special, as yet unseen by me, featuring psychotic wrestler Brenden Cage on the prowl for cute muscle boys (hot newbies Geo and Braden Charron) to terrorize in a two-parter Halloween Havoc. Cage played sinister in his fights against Cameron Mathews and Big Sexy earlier in the year, exuding a pronounced serial-killer vibe ... and it was not even Halloween. The stills look like the new boys give the predator a good run for his money. (Keep up the good work, Brenden. You're giving me ideas on how to deal with unruly jocks in freshman composition.)


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the new Brendan Cage matches. I immediately went and downloaded them, based on how great his earlier showings were. Hope these live up to those.


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