Pretty Boy Turns Up the Heat

Take two fit and startlingly handsome men. Pump up their man-juices. Put them in the squared circle. Let the magic happen. In its dozenth catalog, Rock Hard Wrestling has been perfecting the formula, pitting two wrestlers not only matched in photogenicity and tenacity but also singularly bent on taking the starch out of the other guy. Zack Johnathan has never been hungrier for busting up an opponent than he is in this 27-minute hellraiser against Jake Jenkins. And Jake, sick and tired of playing jobber for every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a jockstrap and a pair of wrestling boots, is determined to bust up the buoyantly arrogant Zack.

These two could be cousins (if not brothers): similar in physique, coloration, and pluck. The most significant contrast is in temperament, Zack with the sunny disposition, Jake the more nonchalant and grim. At one time, Zack's incessant effervescence somewhat hampered my appreciation for him in the high-drama domain of pro wrestling. Lately, though, he's added an element of snarling combustibility that gives him the sort of nasty edge I'm drawn to, without losing an ounce of his glamor. Jake's cold-bloodedness cannot be improved on when he is winning, which makes him one of the more exciting heels working in underground wrestling. He brings an unexpected liveliness to this match; putting the hurt to Zack brings Jake's cockiness to the fore.

Objects of adulation and lust, both wrestlers enter the ring with chips on their shoulders. The two men quickly size each other up and like their chances. Both chips take a respective dive in Rounds 1 and 2, setting up a very exciting and decisive third round. By this point, the two wrestlers know each other well. Confident and physically at ease with each other, they bring up their best moves. Jake even dances a little as he moves in on Zack, firing some flashy kicks to the man's midsection. His muscular thighs are potent weapons. Every time he's knocked down, Zack leaps back to his feet, teeth bared, determined to turn the tide. Zack's resilience earns Jake's grudging respect, and eventually it pays off. Zack uses his upper body strength to drive Jake into the corner and lift him up in a spine-crushing hug, from which he drives Jake down to his knee, balls first.

As the vicious-meter climbs to 10, Johnathan and Jenkins are covered in sweat, their skin flushed from exertion. Everything hangs on the final three or four minutes of this battle. Both wrestlers are at their rugged best in this fight, and for fans of either (or both) and for fans of intense, testosterone-charged trials by ordeal, this is a bout not to be missed!


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