Romper Stomper

UCW-Wrestling's latest new (non-lost) release [#229] may not have everything but the kitchen sink, but it is certainly a well-equipped kitchenette. We've got tag teams, a rematch, a grudge, a kayoed ref, at least one ex-champ, an upset, and the return of masked heel Black Dragon, un-deported and about to be unmasked (expect to be unsurprised). 

Bodyslam wants to gently ease fresh-faced Michael Hannigan into UCW action, so he sets this bout up as a tag-team event, pairing the kid with The Kid, former UCW champ James, always reliable and a strong sideman for the inexperienced youngster. 

Opposing them is Twisted Torment, still anxious to get his hooks into Michael once again, one on one--following their awesome first encounter [#214] in the great outdoors a little over two months ago. Twis just doesn't like Michael (the feeling is mutual, obviously) and sees no place for the recruit-in-training on the UCW roster. 

Bodyslam appoints Aron as ref, figuring that, since the deadpan grappler hates everybody, he's bound to be impartial. Plus, of all the UCW wrestlers, he probably looks the best in shorts and an unbuttoned sleeveless ref shirt. Then, finally, the announcement of Black Dragon's return. But, folks, this is a new Black Dragon. Deportation has changed the man, though he still has an unplaceable accent and a knack for cranking out the pain. 

Teamed with Torment, the Dragon poses a formidable threat to babyfaces everywhere, even James. The action here is fast and chaotic, with plenty of ball-groping, rule-stretching, and fun, cheesy antics. The match was a hoot for me, but I'm still waiting for the day Hannigan's ready to go toe to toe with Aron--as well as an inevitable (I hope) journey back to nature so that Michael and Twisted can finish their business out behind the woodshed.


  1. I'm sorry, Joe, I just don't get the UCW vibe. What I see are junior high punks. The PR says blue collar, I see street kids without adult supervision. I want to see wrestlers who display their masculinity flagrantly, not pubescence. Sigh!

    1. No need to be sorry, Almatolmen. To each his own. I like the giddy energy at UCW and the sense that most of these guys are successfully working past their inhibitions. I am all for flagrant masculinity too.


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