Sissy Fight

The flamer in pink is Jules Lambrini, the "Champ of Camp" and a "Real Man's Man," and the crowd hates him because he is way way out of line. Prancing and wiggling his ass and resting his limp wrists on his hips every opportunity he gets, Jules nevertheless dominates his opponent, a young macho wrestler named Kid Kandy (though only in pro wrestling would that name, those tights, and that haircut pass as butch). I love this Pro Power Wrestling match, taped in Blaengarw, Wales, in 2008. Maybe I should be ashamed of myself. It might in some small way betray some residual self-loathing homophobia on my part. I prefer to think that I like it because Lambrini and Kandy are close in age and weight (though that's hard to judge, given the camera angle), or because the action is fast paced and well choreographed, or because the fight realizes my ideal of a male catfight (hairpulling, up-close choking, and pussy punching). Lambrini keeps Kandy backed into corners and clutching his balls for almost the full sixteen minutes. And just when it's time for the Kid to turn the tables and give Jules the climactic bashing he deserves, the sissy pins him, tugging down his tights ever so slightly to reveal a hint of fishbelly white crack. The low-def video and high camera angle add to the air of luridness a bit. If you promise not to despise me for liking it, you may watch the video here and here


  1. I haven't looked at the match, but from the pics I'd say that by appearance anyway, Lambrini looks more macho than his persona. He also seems hot.

  2. I love it. The gay "stereotype" gets in the ring and kicks ass. Jules Labrini reminds me of something Jim Ross of WWE fame said a couple years ago. Upon his 30 (or so) year anniversary, an interviewer asked what he would like to see happen in the biz, and he said the number one thing by far was the end of homophobia of as a "punchline" in wrestling, everything from silly gimmicks like Billy and Chuck to anti-gay banter and slurs passing as generic comedy. He added, however, that he would not be opposed to an openly gay wrestlers where being gay isn't sole defining quality or even one who seems to be a joke but consistently defies it through his performances, because that all challenges the stereotype.

    I think one of the things we forget as gay pro wrestling fans is, while pro wrestling is supposed to entertain and amuse and titillate, it's also supposed to provoke and make you damn uncomfortable now and then, too. I appreciate anyone who steps into a ring to entertain, but I have a particular respect for anyone who portrays a role that isn't grounded in conventional assumptions of what a "real man" is. The most obvious example for us is the so-called "jobber," especially when the guy at hand (or boot, lol) actually possesses those qualities in spades.

    There's something particularly admirable about a guy who's been an athlete all his life stepping out of his comfort zone and willfully taking a risk that, if he's successful, will very well result in a lot of people assuming he's untalented, lazy, slow, sloppy, stupid, a case of all show and no go and all the things I've seen people say about them, while some guys who have a fraction of their skill, ability and professionalism get reflexive praise (e.g. Beau Nasty has a ton of glowing reviews for his matches on the blogs--when he only did four!--and Brad Rochelle, who brought Beau to the business and is easily one of the most popular "underground" wrestlers ever AND is actually still doing matches has zero). Anyway, I guess one of the best things about wrestling is it holds a mirror (albeit often a distorting funhouse mirror) up to the viewer and challenges them with their own image. I just wish actually gay pro wrestling did that more often.

  3. I watched this match last night on YouTube. The first half was devoted to Lambrini camping it up outrageously and playing sissy crybaby to the hilt. Then, wonder of wonder,it turned into a real match. At one point, when he had been dominating the kid for a good while, Lambrini put his hands on his hip and cried out "I'm winning. I'm winning!" It was a strange match--part cat-fight and part pro-match,and the kid was totally dumbfounded that he lost it. It definitely fed into the crowd's homophobia, especially since like most British matches, there was a huge contingent of little kids whooping it up and jeering the prancing fag in pink.


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