In BG East's Undagear 19, wrestlers Austin Cooper and Ben Monaco strip down to jockstraps to mat wrestle. Jockstraps have been around since 1874. Jockstrap wrestling has been around at least since the end of World War 2 and the founding of the Athletic Model Guild. Before that, male models assumed wrestling stances in posing straps for academic painters and daguerrotypists. My personal jockstrap kink is wound up in nostalgia for high-school locker rooms and the guilt-ridden teasings of Christian college dorms. Not that this is the sort of thing that requires a backstory. Near-nudity is the next best thing to full nudity--though the argument that it's even better is one I can appreciate, without really endorsing anymore--and a nude tussle has been instant bonertime for me since I read the "Gladiatorial" chapter of Women in Love and saw Fellini-Satyricon.

Austin continues to grow as an underground wrestling star, turning into one of the top new heels in the biz. He has proved himself in a number of venues and, like some of his colleagues, namely Jake Jenkins and Eli Black, he seems eager to stretch his personal comfort zone as regards homoerotic exhibitionism, this match marking a new "best" for him, though still lightyears away from the audacity of veterans like Kid Vicious, Patrick Donovan, and Jarret Cole. That I'll ever see Coop let his dick swang out as he breaks an opponent's back against his shoulders or grind himself up against some jobber's hardon seems highly unlikely, but he's definitely nodding in that direction these days. For now I'm content that he's developed an edge, an attitude, and a pronounced streak of sadism.

Hairy chested Ben is new to me, and he pushes back more than Austin evidently expected him to. Like Skrapper, another new-style BGE star, Ben is a quick, enthusiastic, and savvy wrestler distinguished less for his physique (though he is exceptionally fit and agile) than for his unabashed love of wrestling. In this match Ben stands in for the legions of bedroom and motel wrestlers, plucky, driven, and horny as hell, who do this sort of thing all the time just for kicks. If he's biting off more than he can chew in picking a fight with Coop, he nevertheless fulfills every wrestling fan's fantasy in taking on such a muscle god and, besides making me sick with envy, capitalizes on every chance he gets to cut Austin's ego down to size. He is especially skilled at deftly reversing Austin's holds and bringing the pain right when Austin's confidence is seemingly at its peak.

This match meets BGE's usual high standards in production value and grappling thrills. Packaged with two other fine matches, Rocco vs Richards and Matthews vs Naylor, Cooper vs Monaco held my attention from beginning to end and left me even more impressed with Cooper's evolution as one of BGE's shining-est stars.


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