UCW Feeds Aron a Blond

What a difference a little trim off the top makes! The usually reserved Aron, so quiet and deferential when I met him a few months ago, lost the unisex haircut and now he's talking serious trash at the start of UCW-Wrestling's latest release [#227]. He tells Pippin that the small but game new guy will need his lifeguard whistle to call for help soon. I like this guy, the new un-clammed-up Aron. This guy has got his mean on. This guy can put some fear in a man's bones and some hurt to his spinal cord. I only hope this guy remembers that I apologized for once calling him the Justin Bieber of UCW.

Pippin, the new meat, is several inches shorter than Aron, but sturdily built. I don't know whether he's a for-real lifeguard, but if he is, I'm fairly certain that more than one swimmer has faked drowning to draw his attention. He's cute, and he's not totally helpless against Aron, but I'd say his chances are right there with the mouse's in the pet shop snake tank. He wears his red tights well, and usually that's as much as we can expect of a fresh-faced recruit in an underground wrestling match.

Aron is all but smacking his lips in anticipation of tying this guy into knots. And he sets to the task with relish! He sidekicks Pippin to the mat and covers him for a two-count, but the rookie powers out. To his credit, Aron seems to like that Pippin is not going to go down easy. If I'm not mistaken, there's a boner that says that Aron likes a little feistiness in an opponent. Who can blame him? Pippin pushes him to the wall and punches him in the abs. Aron kicks the upstart to the mat, straddles him, and slugs his midsection repeatedly, with no mercy.

When Aron complains that the new fighter is boring, Pippin brings his rough side to the fore, hammering Aron to the wall, then snapmaring him to the mat and locking him in an armbar. Then he straddles him, giving Aron a taste of his earlier pounding ... and then some. Aron suffers a good four- or five-minute whipping at his hands. UCW may be breaking him in in this match, but the compact blond has got real fight in him.

Just when it looks like Pippin may not be aware that newcomers customarily lose their first wrestling matches, Aron overpowers him and nails him to the mat with a forearm choke. Aron makes a surprisingly effective heel--the quiet ones often do, still waters running deep ... and sadistic. He cracks the guy's spine up on his knees. All Pippin can do his squirm and whimper. Two really big boners now. Aron lets him go just so he can beat him down again. Pippin sells it all beautifully. We get camel clutches, armbars, gut-punching, hair-pulling, head-butting, crotch-smashing, cradles, bearhugs--Aron makes sure the new guy tastes the full UCW menu of abuses.

This is as bold and sensuous as I have ever seen Aron. In one exquisite moment, he retrieves and reinserts a lost earring, all the while with his foot planted on Pippin's throat. Either Pippin or the new haircut brings something out (and up) in the man. I've always liked the guy, but this match lifts Aron to the league of legends--and Pippin is right there with him in a strenuous 31-minute battle you UCW fans cannot afford to miss--and not just UCW fans either, but all fans of intense underground wrestling. This is quintessential UCW!


  1. i like this fight, and your reference to the presence of a boner that says Aron likes a little feistiness is right on the mark. I have typed on these pages before that Aron is packing some serious heat in those gold trunks, and this match really showcases it. Bodyslam, if your reading, lets see more of the accidental erotic in Aron's matches. The fighters sell of attraction does not need to be overt, a hard on under cover is much more exciting to our imagination than the "sensual" rubbing without any noticeable results we often see in some of your competitors product


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