Up in Arms

I don't know where Thunder's Arena has been finding its wrestling men for the past year, but, for the record, I approve. Thunder's has always downplayed the homoerotic aspect of its matches. Sure, the guys tease each other (and their fans) with double entendres and skimpy skintight trunks, but almost always with the clear understanding that the wrestlers are straight, just horsing around as frat boys often do, and that sometimes wrestling is just wrestling. It's a formula that, despite its limitations (nudity is out, for instance), works. Works for me, anyway. The formula is still the same. Lately, though, the action seems to have got a lot hotter. And the bodies--phew! pass me a cold drink--are some of the bangingest in underground wrestling.

Take, for instance, blue-eyed Hooper, 5'8", 155#, in Mat Rats 26. In this match (his second this year at the Arena) against the perpetually brooding Bulldog, 5'9", 220#, he not only looks good but looks, let's say, frisky, as well. Bulldog sneers (as usual) and calls him a twink, dismissively. (Thunder's version of a twink would be a muscle stud anywhere else.) But the grunting and groaning carry an erotic punch, and it comes with more jiggle than Baywatch. It's a terrific match from a company that has an expanding catalog of terrific matches. It's premium Thunder's fare: clean, funloving, and nonchalantly sexy. Bulldog, even grouchy (maybe especially grouchy), is at his best in domination mode, and here he bends and twists Hooper, claiming total ownership of the kid. And the kid seems to be enjoying it. He's happy, I'm happy. But I'd like to see Hooper evenly matched sometime in a bout with continuous grappling action and plenty of give and take ... and happy jiggles, too.


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