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Jake Jenkins and Austin Cooper met last at BG East as foes, but in Tag Team Torture 15 they're partners, and not just regular, run-of-the-mill tag partners but showy all-American babyface partners.

This is not the duo's first time in the same corner, but it is their first teaming at BGE and their first teaming as good guys ... squeaky clean good, by the looks of them, and if you weren't force-fed enough patriotic sanctimony in the past election season, you haven't long to wait until Catalog 96 (not yet released) brings us Jake and Austin, wiggling enough red white and blue on their butts to choke Betsy Ross!

A couple of weeks ago I previewed this match, in which they face sinewy Lon Dumont and a tall newcomer (heel in training) Nicholas Rush, who provide ample and exciting competition for the all-Americans. Coop and JJ have never looked hotter. And just when I am certain their muscles could not be any more ripped and their toothy smiles, any more dazzling, they show up looking even more devastatingly gorgeous than ever.

Both are barefoot, a la Kevin Von Erich, mimicking as well the idolized 1980s babyface in suffering huge quantities of abuse, only to rally unexpectedly and turn the tables on the bad guys. I still prefer Austin and Jake as heels, I think, but as babyfaces they are anything but pushovers. While remaining largely faithful to the rules of fair play, they can (and often do) answer brutality with brutality.

No doubt many of you will enjoy watching Lon and Nicholas double-team on Jake especially, who suffers eloquently and convincingly. Something about his eyes, I think, makes him hugely sympathetic as a victim, even though those same eyes can convey narcissism and a delight in violence that's less suitable to a hero.

Matched in physiques now, Jake and Austin could almost be brothers. Austin seems the more centered of the two, possessing a steeliness that suggests rigorous discipline as a good guy and, a little more excitingly, contemptuous arrogance as a heel. These two wrestlers work well together, balancing against each other and finishing each other's maneuvers almost as if they were a single organism.

This is a great little fight, full of character quirks, sarcastic repartee, and eye-popping holds, held long and intently. The day may come when I tire of seeing Austin and Jake writhe and thrash, but every new match pushes that day, should it ever happen, even further into the future.


  1. Tag matches aren't usually my thing, but this one looks outstanding.

  2. Is this match not yet available? I checked at BGE and couldn't find it.

    The more I see Lon with hair, the sexier I find him.

    1. I do not know the release date, Almatolmen, and I probably should not have jumped the gun in writing about it, but sometimes I am not so good at keeping surprises to myself. It will be featured in BG East's Catalog 96, soon, I hope, and I think you will find it worth the wait.

  3. Thanks!

    I don't mind you jumping the gun. I just thought I might be missing something at BGE.

  4. Austin Cooper always seems to look good.


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