Bouncing Big Brother

Thanks (again) to Almatolmen for fact-gathering on my current European wrestling obsession, Pete Bouncer. You can read his research in the comments section here. It turns out that Pete's the son of a GWF executive--almost as sexy as being a preacher's son, in my opinion--and he has a big brother, who goes by the name Frank Bouncer. Nice!


  1. Just to clarify, this is Frank not Pete.

    And Crazy Sexy Mike (and in the US he'd be prosecuted for false advertising for the Sexy part--alas too common a misnomer in gimmicks) was one of Frank's mentors at the GWF wrestling school. A reminder, folks, in case you've forgotten, he's the guy that stole Pete's match.

    How often I've been drawn in by an inappropriate gimmick! I call it bait-and-switch! Where's the Attorney General when you want him?

  2. Just watched a match of Frank's on YouTube. His opponent is a thief named Pierre Le Prestee.

    The vids are titled MWA (Mad Wrestling Association) "New Beginnings" Parts 1& 2. His match begins about 9:00 of Part 1 and ends at about 4:45 of Part 2.

    And it was robbery, because Frank dominated through almost the full match and did so brilliantly. Then the old sudden reversal dodge.

    It was filmed two years ago on my birthday!

    Wish the brothers would tag. It'd be awesome!!


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