Lewd, Dangerous, and Injurious to Morals and Public Safety

BG East released its latest catalog (96) today, and it contains much to love, of that I am certain, and at least one instant classic: Kid Karisma versus Mike Martin in Sunshine Shooters 5. I was delighted to watch an advance cut of this bout weeks ago. I attempted to compose a description of the fight for the new catalog, but I am afraid it is woefully inadequate. Swamped with freshman research essays to grade, I could not then generate enough purple prose to cover everything I feel about the fight or the two wrestlers engaged in its blissful agonies. Perhaps nothing I could ever write about it (including this post) can express the full extent of my enthusiasm.

I have long been a fan of Mike's, even venturing to buy some DVDs from Bulldog Wrestling UK in hopes that they would play on my North American-coded player (they do!) I once wrote of him, ecstatically, that he has "the face of a charming thug and the body of a jungle lord." Of his match against Ringkid, I wrote, "This fight is immediate, visceral, and personal. It feels real, and more than that it feels like it's directed right at me." This statement gets closer to what thrills me about this guy--less his rugged good looks than his taking his fights to the limit--in terms of aggression and eroticism!

If one man on this side of the Atlantic could steal his crown, it's Kid Karisma. Kid K is all but the private property of neverland. Quite possibly nobody pops a tent over this guy as much as Bard, who again and again has written the man's praises in drool and streams of ... well ... you get my point. But I'm sorry, Bard, you have to share! This hot commodity is bigger than the two of us! More than anything else, I think, it is Karisma's overt sexuality in his fights that distinguishes him--and that while providing a man-size portion of pugnacity. Bard wrote most recently, "I find it highly erotic and refreshing for wrestlers to acknowledge ... that Kid Karisma is wildly sexy!" Amen to that, brother, and the wild is just as important as the sexy, in my humble opinion.

To quote myself, from a recent private correspondence, Kid K has it all: "athleticism, eroticism, aggression, and showmanship"! And meaning no disrespect to anyone, in this match he totally ruins Mike Martin for me. My hat's still off to Mike for everything he is, but Kid K cleans him out on that mat! It's savage, and it's brilliant, and it's getting me hard just thinking about it!

Beauty and brawn mean a lot to me, but more than dimpled chins and chiseled muscles, I value what these men bring to this battle: brute force and shameless sensuality, without stinting on one in favor of the other. It's a combination you find only in gay underground wrestling, and too rarely even there. Fierce only begins to describe this battle. These are two passionate guys with tremendous egos, so it was unavoidable that sparks would fly when at last they faced off. We're just lucky it happened in front of the cameras--with camerawork that captures every bit of its heat and sizzle.

Heat and sizzle!?! This shit raises blisters!


  1. "All but....!?" I'm okay with others appreciating Kid K, but I really, really like the sound of him being "the private property of neverland."

  2. Uh, wow... if you were a Mike Martin fan before this match and less of one after, that's really, really not a compliment for Kid Karisma. Most wrestlers, especially those who care about the business, would find such a comment highly chastening!


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