Picture of the Week

What can I say? It's all pretty much right there, isn't it? The tousle-haired guy's fight face, his slim taut waist, the stretch and fold of his unbelted jeans, the broad back and corded triceps of the blond opponent. I can almost hear these wrestlers grunt and snort, smell the sweat and Old Spice, feel the groaning weight and coarse manly bristle. A good wrestling picture captures the split second when bodies tilt towards some dynamic impact, decision, or catastrophe, and this one has all three going for it. (Photo uncredited on Tumblr. Any assistance here would be appreciated.)


  1. I have not seen this match, but I have zero doubt that that is Beau Bradly. My #1 favorite erotic wrestler of all time. Now and forever. It must then be a Can-am production. Hope that helps, Joe.


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