Missing Max Anderson? Want to see Ethan Axel Andrews* wrestle freestyle, long before he was co-owner of his own wrestling site? Then there's good news for you. Movimus Wrestling now owns the rights to the 300+ pre-August 2011 releases of a now defunct "no holds barred" wrestling site (without the rights to the company's name--hint: its anagram is "tenth blab"). 

And until next Friday, November 30th, Movimus is running a 20%-off sale with the code "turkey20."

I'd be jumping on this deal myself, except my Internet connection is practically the two-cans-and-a-string variety. (Watching video in ten-second spurts on my laptop is like watching NASA satellite relays from the 1960s.) I have no word yet whether Movimus intends to create original product in the near future, or whether said defunct site is planning a comeback under its old name. Movimus is Latin for "we have moved" (as well as "we have stirred" and "we have aroused"), so the perfect active indicative (the verb form that suggests that an action was completed in the past, with results that continue to the present) could provide a clue (I'm feeling very DaVinci Code this afternoon, apparently).

Who can say? But what once looked to be forever lost has now returned! Thanksgivings, indeed!

* aka Case "CT" Thornton


  1. I tried buying a match from them and, after paying through PayPal, the video still wouldn't play. They don't respond to emails so it appears my only option is to dispute the charge with PayPal. Has anyone else tried to buy one of their matches?


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