Ridiculously Handsome Man, Mean as a Snake, Please Be My Henchman

Last night at Impact Wrestling, Jessie Godderz, 5'10", 220#, the deluxe-edition Ricky Martin, got Canadian hunk Eric Young, 5'11", 225#,  so mad he stripped off his baggy shorts to reveal his snug USA briefs. The short TV match, viewable here, has one or two other delights: a bitch fight at ringside and Jessie immobilizing Eric while popping his polished cannonball biceps for fans and cameras.

In my other life, the one in which I am a super-suave mad scientist with megalomaniac tendencies (so many times I have wanted to write "arch-villain" on the occupation line of my tax form), both these guys would stand on either side of me as bodyguards, neither ever wearing very many clothes and, for my private entertainment, occasionally fight each other in a steel cage dangling over my shark tank.


  1. Ha! I've had the same fantasy for literally years, Joe! I see myself swathed in flowing robes and masked like Cobra Commander in GI Joe comics watching over a scene of cage-fighting musclemen in old-school trunks and boots in an atmosphere out of 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'! --- Ha! --- Ray

  2. OK, JG can be your henchman. But can I be his? Please! Please! Spending lots of time by his side sounds awesome.


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