Surfin USA

Cameron Mathews recently returned from the UK, where he sparred with the lads at Spotland Scrappers in Manchester and shot some matches for Bulldog Wrestling. Yesterday Spotland posted this video excerpt on YouTube, depicting Young Ady trapping the handsome American in a surfboard and clutch. Flying home last weekend, Cam griped about how out of shape he was after "two weeks in England without a proper gym, with awful English food, no tanning salons (or any real sunlight), and the lack of appropriate hair conditioner." I should be this out of shape, but it does look like our man (who is literally everywhere) could use a helping hand right about now.


  1. I can't think of any pro wrestling vids in which I saw CM win. There's gotta be some! He's just too hot to be an eternal jobber. In fact I imagine him as a very dominant heel. I just like to see it and victory on film!

  2. I win when I want to, of course.

    Thank you :)


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