13 Shots of Psycho Mike

Ontario-based "Psycho" Mike Rollins, 6'2", 224#, has been in a variety of pro rings since 2007. Here he is in nine matches spread out over the past year for Alpha-1, Great Canadian Wrestling, Canadian Pro Wrestling, Deathproof Wrestling, Maximum Pro Wrestling, and Fight! (all photographed by Tabercil). We see him up against Anthony Darko (second and twelfth shots, above), Sebastian Suave (3, 5, 6, and 7, above), Rip Impact (5), Josh Alexander (8), Ethan Page (10 and 11), and Cezar (13). Self-dubbed "the most anabolic man in wrestling," Mike combines qualities of Alex in Clockwork Orange, Eminem, and George "The Animal" Steele, all packaged in a quarterback's physique: Think Sam Kinison trapped in Chris Dickinson's body. You can watch him in action on the PsychoMikeRollins channel on YouTube. Although Bruno of Beefcakes of Wrestling gave him a nod in November of 2011, he's still kinda new to me, but, to judge from his videos, he's huge with Canadian fans--I can't say that I'm surprised.


  1. A three-way match among Rollins, Darko, and Impact would be amazing!

    Are any of these matches on YouTube?


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