2013 Resolutions

This past year I surprised myself and basically kept my resolution: to go to live pro wrestling events of a convenient distance from where I live. I went by myself sometimes and at other times with friends (straight, bi, lesbian, but not a single other gay guy). I enjoyed the live spectacle even more than I had imagined I would. I saw several shows by the local, Raleigh-based promotion called GOUGE, whose show last December was the first ever show I attended live. In my hometown Durham, I saw the ¡Luchadoras! a multi-ethnic all-female lucha libre show. I ventured a little further out and saw shows with bigger names by Dragon Gate/Evolve, Ring of Honor, Chikara, and even, just last night, WWE. And a wrestling high point of the year was going up to Philadelphia for a weekend to watch UCW-Wrestling matches being taped and meet Bodyslam, Axel, Twisted Torment, Joker, Angel Estrada, Corporal Punishment, Aron, and Eli Black in the flesh (see here, here, and here).

For 2013 I have only one resolution relating to wrestling: to continue going to live shows as time, money, geography, and meteorology permit. That resolution is demonstrably in my power to keep or break. I already know that shows, small shows and big shows, do occur in the vicinity. What I would like 2013 to bring is a friend who wrestles--pro, folk, underground, MMA, backyard, or basement, the style does not matter. My goal is not to find somebody to wrestle me. Although I keep myself in fairly good health, I do not keep myself in good enough shape to compete. But it would be nice to find somebody who not only shares my sense of humor or interest in French films or left-wing politics but also takes wrestling seriously, acknowledges its sensuality, and can deepen my knowledge and appreciation of the sport and the spectacle.

Tomorrow I will be posting resolutions of friends of this blog. Beginning at the crack of midnight (a Dickensian touch), expect a new visitor every half-hour, sharing his goals, hopes, or fantasies in a separate post. I will be listing the resolutions in the order they arrived here at Ringside at Skull Island. Expect a few surprises. (But how does one expect a surprise? That, I philosophize, is the secret to a happy life.)


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