Best Alien-vs-Alien Fight Scene of 2012

The climactic fight scene in Prometheus gets my vote as best fight scene of any kind in a movie or TV series in the past twelve months. And it's the best interspecies wrestling match since Jake Sully clapped his thighs on the serpentine neck of his chosen mountain banshee in 2009's Avatar. Was I the only person in the world who got a ticklish feeling "down there" when the muscular godlike alien engineer wrestled the demonic squidlike trilobite alien to the death? Figuring both aliens to be male, I savored every homoerotic millisecond of computer-generated combat, its sensuality reinforced by penetration ... and a subsequent unplanned pregnancy!

The movie was not as bad as disappointed fanboys, suffering from too much self-induced hype, made it out to be and not as good as its theme (where did human life come from?) would demand. Instead, it's a highly watchable space drama with all the plot holes and unmotivated, illogical, and unconvincing peripeteia of most horror and action movies. It's a beautiful film to look at on Blu Ray (I missed seeing it in a theater, in IMAX and 3-D), with individual scenes that have stuck with me, none more than the fight to the death at the end.

I probably saw fewer films in 2012 than in any other year in my adult life, so I missed a lot. I'd be interested in hearing what you guys think was the best fight in movies and TV for the year. Leave your comments below.


  1. Hey, Joe!

    I ALSO found Prometheus' ALIEN vs.HUMAN wrestling match, (...well...'technically..."RAPE", since IMPREGNATION ensued), was VERY hot indeed! Those pale grey/white "ENGINEERS" are pretty spectacular-looking males! I can't wait for the sequel, in which I expect to drool through most of the film as it'll likely be set on an alien planet populated by many, MANY MORE of these grey/white, muscle gods! The point in the fight at which the "ENGINEER" is straddling both sides of the doorway reminds me of a reclining pregnant woman with her feet in "stirrups" being checked out by her gynecologist. With his thighs stretched widely apart, the POWERFUL "ENGINEER" is in an extremely vulnerable position. He's FULLY aware that his situation is "dire" to say the least...and that death is inevitable and mere moments away. When the alien's probing, phallus-like protuberance is ulti-MATE-ly "thrust" violently and forcibly, deep inside the Engineer's gaping mouth...I TOO, experienced a pleasant "ticklish feeling" (pleasingly tingling sensation), "down there"; it felt almost as if I were watching HOT wrestling porn! There was just something VERY (sexually) satisfying about watching the VERY powerful (and beautiful) nude, male, muscle giant, be transformed into a submissive, totally helpless receptacle for the alien creature's voracious phallus! I then started getting hard as I watched the Engineer's limp body heave and writhe about as the rapidly growing, alien fetus began to chew, claw, fight it's way out of the Engineer's beaten, muscular torso/man-womb. I don't recall having seen any OTHER fight scenes in any OTHER 2012 movie, which even came close to being as viscerally and sexually enthralling as this match!.

  2. I loved this movie! I saw it in 3D but came away with a headache.
    It's stunning on Blu-ray and hope for a sequel and yes..great fight at the end.


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