Getting Hairy

In the top ranks of contemporary pro wrestlers whom I dream of wrestling is Timothy Thatcher, 6'3", 224#. His rugged, hairy-chested virility is matched by his charisma and knowhow in the ring, as evident in this All Pro Wrestling match from early last month against Colt Cabana, 6'1", 233#. Thatcher's flair for showmanship is evident throughout, for instance, when he slaps his chest with apelike exultation or when he plants his boot proprietarily on Cabana's back. 

The part of this match that makes me itchiest is (in the seventh and eighth photos above) when TT splits CC's thighs wide open, kneeling in between his legs, their crotches eye to eye, so to speak. It's pure torment for Colt, I'm sure, but delectable to watch. Colt struggles to twist his way free. Timothy presses his palms to Cabana's knees, intensifying the pain. When Colt sits up, Thatcher testily pushes his head back down to the mat. He squats over his man, his taut sweaty abs heaving in and out as he gulps down air. 

Towards the end of the contest, there is this moment I hate to see in pro wrestling, when outside interference threatens to spoil a perfectly enjoyable singles match. But in this case "Golden Boy" Dylan Drake's meddling only temporarily interrupts the action, and Thatcher and Cabana continue, reaching a satisfying and definitive payoff.


  1. I don't know much about Cabana. Is he supposed to have some connection to Cornwall? Those gold roundels on black look a lot like the Cornish coat-of-arms.

  2. Yowza! TT has hyper hips!

    Give me that pelvic thrust, Thatcher! Thrust, Thatcher, thrust! Swivel and swive! Swivel and swive!


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