Merry Christmas (A Look Back at Ringside at Skull Island's Greatest Hits of All Time)

I compiled this list about a week ago and scheduled it for posting in the first minute of Christmas morning (North Carolina time), knowing I would be away and offline this week. If all goes as planned, I should still be in Reykjavik now, where the day is only four hours and ten minutes long, sunrise to sunset. If all continues to go well, I should be home before the year ends.

In putting together this list, I was surprised by how many (how very many) posts have received thousands of visitors. I'm under no illusion that it's anything but the pictures that draws most visits (most of my wrestling stories, for whose sake I started this site in 2008, have not yet accumulated even 10 look-sees--even after four years). Hence my special thanks and greetings to those who read what I write. I am, however, pleased to see that a poem (not mine) made it to the Top Ten--it kind of classes up the list.

Figuring that some of you might be tired of looking at twinkling lights, manger scenes, candy canes, and relatives, I thought I would share this list of the twenty-five most visited postings over the past four (plus) years. It's the sort of thing I should have put up on the blog's anniversary in October, but I only just thought of it. So.

Enjoy, and make merry.
  1. Jason Adonis (28 Mar. 2011) 
  2. '70s Playgirl Models I Would Like to Wrestle: Enriched and Fluffed Up Edition (19 Feb. 2011) 
  3. Kenny and Paul (23 Feb. 2011) 
  4. Alexi Adamov (7 Dec. 2009)--the warhorse of the bunch: over three years in the top 10 
  5. Tyler Reese (9 Aug. 2010) 
  6. "Walt Whitman Wrestling Naked with the Young Trees" (21 June 2010) 
  7. Attack of the Alpha Males (Exclusive Interview with Mr. Mike and Ace Hanson of Thunder's Arena) (23 Aug. 2010) 
  8. Wade Cutler (8 Apr. 2011) 
  9. Look "Sex" Up in the Dictionary And You Find ... (23 July 2010) 
  10. Tarzan (21 June 2010) 
  11. CAGE THUNDER Unmasked! (Exclusive Interview) (1 Jan. 2011) 
  12. Wrestling Angel (28 Sept. 2010)
  13. Owen Phoenix (18 Nov. 2010) 
  14. Teen Bodybuilder (4 Mar. 2011) 
  15. Mark Lander (25 July 2010) 
  16. The Breaking Point (Review) (22 July 2010) 
  17. Stoney's Dream Come True (16 June 2010)
  18. An Interview with Kid Leopard (27 July 2011) 
  19. Babyface Brawl 1 (6 Sept. 2010) 
  20. Cameron Mathews (2 Aug. 2011)
  21. '70s Playgirl Models I Would Like to Wrestle (5 Feb. 2011)--this looks like a duplicate, I know, but it isn't--it features my favorite pictures of Rock Pamplin, who inspired the line of thinking that led to both posts
  22. No Fear, No Limits, No Mercy (16 July 2011) 
  23. Battle Bang 3 (7 Aug. 2011)--the baby on the list and the fastest riser (there's a pun there somewhere, but my brain's too clogged with vodka at the moment to make it) 
  24. Big, Sexy (9 Jan. 2011)
  25. Summer, When It Sizzles (11 June 2011)


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