"What a Little Bitch!"

On Thursday, Jeff Jordan, 5'8", 165#, in baby blue, and Travis Carter, 5'8", 180#, in basic black, inaugurated Movimus Wrestling's first original, made-for-Movimus match. I have not yet succeeded in accessing this match, a situation I currently ascribe to my weak WiFi connection and six-year-old MacBook, which often takes up to two hours to download 30-minute Thunder's Arena and UCW videos (hence my technologically backward preference for DVDs). But the promo on YouTube sells the two young fighters beautifully, Jeff breathlessly announcing his dominance over Travis just on general principle and Travis declaiming in Southernese, "What a little bitch!" Lots of hotblooded attitude swimming around that smooth muscle!


  1. I ordered one of their matches a couple of weeks ago and haven't been able to access it yet. It has nothing to do with my Internet connection either. They won't answer emails and I am now disputing the charge with PayPal.

  2. Apparently they didn't answer PayPal's emails either so today PayPal refunded my money.


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