2013 Resolutions: BWN

from the owner of Black Wrestling Network
As always, we're growing.
2012 was a year of trying to juggle many things at one time: website upgrades that will finally launch in 2013 after several years of planning, the addition of new wrestlers to the roster monthly, travel to launch the new BWN WORLD series that will kick off this coming year, and our first-ever hard drive failure. It was no fun, but we were able to recover everything, and we now have a bulletproof backup system.
Our goals for the new year are to add several new series, including a tag team division and a pro wrestling division, bring in some shocking cameos of guys from other industries, and continue to entertain our fans in the way that only we can, with our mixture of regular guys off the street, hard bodies, athletes, and gorgeous models that aren't hard to look at at all. We've pressed the envelope further with our erotica angles this past year, and next year our main focus will be to press our competition angles, although the erotica isn't going anywhere (Storm would kill me!).
Thank you to all the loyal fans both of BWN and of wrestling and underground wrestling in general!
Keep watching. The best is yet to come! 


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