2013 Resolutions: Cage Thunder

Cage Thunder of BG East
Let's see, what are Cage's resolutions for 2013?
  1. To get either Bitch Colby or "Maskador" or whatever the hell he wants to call himself in the ring once and for all.
  2. Finish both my short story collection Learning the Ropes and my novel Going Down for the Count.
  3. Take on those pretty boys Austin Cooper and Jake Jenkins with the Enforcer as my tag partner.
  4. Tear up at least one musclejobber every month, starting with Braden Charron.
  5. Make my body look as gorgeous as it can. I know I already look better than most, but I want to see if it's possible to be sexier.


  1. Hell, yes, to all 4 of these, but #1 is the sweetest of all. All of that sexual tension has got to be addressed between Cage Thunder and Mitch Colby, and I'd like to put in a special request for a front row seat, please.

  2. I like #4 it is the one I am looking most forward to. Musclejobber matches have been very very scarce lately; seeing Braden jobbing is always a great video.

  3. YES, Cage...WRITIN' & WRESTLIN'; get both of these in there THIS year and EVERY year after this one!

    I'm with "Theurgist5" 100%; "TEAR" on into a new MUSCLE-JOBBER on a monthly basis! (Bye bye, Braden! Rip 'im a new "A"-hole...but don't throw out the "OLD" one...I'm pretty sure that I might be able to get some use out of it!) I can't wait to see " MORE" of you on BG East discs this year! Those HOT masks and bulging tights...RAUNCH-I-LICIOUS! (YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!)


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