2013 Resolutions: KRUSH

Krush of Krushco
In 2013 I'm going to continue to produce the best REAL submission wrestling videos in the world--without resorting to any of the pathetic gimmicks I see being used by the other companies. My matches will continue to blow away the competition because they are authentic and intense and feature guys who can actually wrestle. I don't work with someone just because they have a good body or face--I only work with guys who have that unexplainable inner drive to fight and win. People who are squeamish and want to see half-ass wussy wrestling should look elsewhere.
I've been doing some more intensive training with Lucien over the past year, and he's turning into quite a beast, so we're going to feature his newly acquired strength and skill against some new talent.
We're also going to be using a new mat space in 2013 with much more room to toss around my competition even more than usual and make them sorry they ever stepped on a mat with me.
And this is a good time to express how grateful I am to all of my fans, even those that wrestle for other companies but secretly watch my videos and wish they could be part of them.
Thanks to all of my supporters. I will never let you down. 


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