2013 Resolutions: Lucien

Lucien of Krushco
For years I've wrestled in underground dens, taking on much larger and more advanced opponents--sometimes winning, other times being slapped awake after a chokehold. I sought out these matches as a break from my privileges in life. Who wants everything handed to them? In 2013, things will change. I will no longer be the willing "target blond," but rather I will use my experience and Manhattan blue-blood wealth to

  1. rededicate myself to wrestling as a craft and not an occasional hobby, so I can improve my overall abilities on the mat
  2. work closely with Krush to expand and elevate the company's unique, aggressive (yet professional) real wrestling videos
  3. wrestle my way up to the role of a promoter and headliner for Krushco
  4. possibly locate a unique manager or valet to add a new dimension to my matches--also find a few newbies with potential
  5. stop partying late at the top red-rope clubs in New York City--it's time to take care of the vessel!


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