2013 Resolutions: Storm

Elements of nudity and erotica have been the core of wrestling from the start, all the way back to Greek arena wrestling. Admiring the male physique and form has always been the basis for me. Many fans truly love watching beautiful bodies in combat against each other in the ring as well as the mat. Mat wrestlers are virtually nude in a manner, with singlets that show absolutely every part of their anatomy, while ring wrestlers wear some of the skimpiest trunks and a majority of the time get them snatched down or tugged at.
I started out in street gear myself, then to thongs, to trunks, to nothing. For me, a natural evolution--going back in time, if you will--to where wrestling in your own skin is beautiful. I strongly believe it's in every fan's mind anyway. Sure, some enjoy combat, but I'm 99.9% sure that fans would love to see up close and feel the "worship" of grappling with a beautiful male form in the nude.
In the new year, I plan on continuing to innovate in the area of wrestling erotica as we did last year with Vendetta and keep exploring other forms of erotica for the delight of the fans.
As for those that hate on it, to quote my favorite artist, "I'm not sorry / It's human nature / ... I'm not your bitch / Don't hang your shit on me." 
I have absolutely no regrets. 


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