Brutally Bashed

I can't remember ever seeing Ethan Andrews in better fighting shape. He's still a far cry from Austin Cooper in the thighs and shoulders department, but this ex-stringbean has developed some hard knotty sinew over the last year, which threatens to bounce him up a class from "Disney cute" to "XXX knockout." Three and a half years ago (that long?), this guy--in another manifestation, mind you--self-deprecatingly told me he was "not the best" at talking trash. Now, if he can just wipe the grin off his face, he can play the badass card with the best of them. 

In Rock Hard Wrestling's latest release, Ethan's found a protege in newcomer Aaron Travers, a raw-boned beauty with more experience shaking ass at circuit parties than kicking ass in the ring. In their first RHW appearances of 2013, the two team up to face British heartthrob Will Stanley and "Teen Sensation" Jason Kane. Ethan has already beat up Jason (his previous partner!) in singles competition, and he and Aaron together gave Will a good drubbing in a two-on-one contest late last year. But Aaron pulled less than his full weight against Will, and he seemed to rather enjoy the bruising Jason gave him in his initiatory match last summer. It remains to be seen, then, whether Aaron has the chops to hold his own next to Ethan in this match.

Nowadays Ethan likes nothing better than to put the squeeze on pretty muscle boys, and Will and Jason are about as pretty as they come. Ethan and Aaron (but especially Ethan) dominate the underprepared but great-to-look-at team of Will and Jason, who not long ago were smashed down into burger patties by Austin Cooper and Brodie Fisher. This is not to imply that Will and Jason don't have the moves. As evident in the pictures above, they flex some serious muscle on top of Ethan and Aaron, always a pretty sight, and if Ethan and Aaron don't mind fighting a little dirty, Will and Jason are ready to fight fire with fire if they have to.

And they do have to. 

This is a great tag match, lots of fun and sweat. Everybody has a surprise to pull out of nowhere--and everybody has a chance to suffer. Rock Hard is full-steam these days, I'm happy to report, and ready to make its mark in 2013!

(Thanks to Bob at Rock Hard Wrestling for use of the photos, especially the new pics that had not already appeared on the RHW site.)


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