UCW-Wrestling's latest release is one of its "lost" videos [#250], this time taking us back to the company's early days. Axel and James have both held the UCW championship belt, Axel first, then James. Here we see them in one of their early contests, perhaps (I'm guessing) a custom match for a fan. James wears uncharacteristically skimpy ring attire, pulled extra low at times, surprising, given his reticence back then to shed his baggy gear and show skin in the regular (i.e., non-custom) matches. What's clear, even then, is both wrestlers' skill and competitiveness. Axel, in particular, has come so much further in his development as an athlete and a performer, but he always brought plenty of personality and conviction to his matches. And it's great seeing him here up against someone, like James, just as capable and strong as himself.


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