He Likes It

At the same time that wrestlers like Paul Perris and Tom Flex were hitting a high point in buck-naked and erotic wrestling at Can-Am (see my post yesterday), I knew I could turn to BG East for the best competitive ring and mat wrestling and showmanship. Can-Am had spectacular fighters too, of course--I think of Jimmy Dean and Cliff Conlin, especially--and BGE's X-Fights series was as raw and raunchy as I could possibly hope for. Still, back in the 1990s, in my mind (right or wrong) Can-Am was where I scratched my itch for soft porn, and BG East, for holds and heels. 

Case in point, Mikey Vee. Mikey Vee was ROH's Mike Bennett before Mike Bennett was Mike Bennett. Few (none that I can think of at the moment) combined good looks, muscle, and cockiness as stunningly as Mikey. He struck me as the kind of wrestler I wished the mainstream wrestling shows would book. If he sometimes lacked the speed and fluidity I liked in ring action, he had style, and for a gay wrestling fetishist, style counts for a lot! There was something boyish and likable about his face and name ("Mikey! He likes it!"), and, best of all, he was an exuberant and sensuous destroyer of other men's bodies.

In Fantasymen 13, pictured above, Vee goes after Christopher Bruce, shortly after Bruce unexpectedly bested him in a mat match (Matmen 6). Just as Bruce appears to be delivering a second thrashing to the ballsy heel, Mikey turns the tables, proclaiming, "Lesson Number One: Don't fuck with me in my ring!" In this match, Vee seems aware of and unselfconscious about the sensuality of his body's pressing against Bruce's. He takes every opportunity to get his chest and crotch right up there against his opponent's. He plays the punished heel to perfection when he has to (and for that alone he wins huge props from me), but his purest joy manifests when he has the upper hand--and, make no mistake, Vee knows every dirty trick needed to gain the upper hand.


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