Heel Heaven

Congratulations to the six troublemakers nominated for BG East's poll to determine the best of its 2012 releases, which somebody has now dubbed (inevitably, perhaps) "the BG East Oscars." ("Ow-scars" may be more like it.) Of the 14 categories, the most challenging for me to vote on was "Best Heel."

BG East IS heel heaven. All six of the nominees are awesome, representing distinct styles: the sadist, the heartless professional, the bigmouth, the too-big-for-this-chicken-outfit superstar, the smoldering man in black, the hothead. Not to mention the two or three bad boys who could take the category as write-ins. 

In the end I came up with some criteria for my decision (the man most likely to remembered five years from now, most fuckable, most charismatic, biggest arsenal of holds, most typically "BGE," etc.) and eventually narrowed my options down to two. From there, frankly, it was just eenie-meanie-miney-mo.

No doubt the real Oscars aren't any more scientific than that. I'm told that a good many elderly Motion Picture Academy members don't even watch the videos they receive of the nominated films and performances. They just stab their pencils down on the most familiar name. (That explains Don Ameche's win for Cocoon in 1985.) 

If you are going to vote, do the best you can to be fair, given your familiarity with BGE's output last year. If you can't be fair, do what these guys would do and go for a cheap and easy shot. And if you are going to vote, do it quickly: the poll closes this weekend.


  1. I swear it was not intentional!! It just was an inevitable comparison with all the Oscars buzz around!

    But hey, how hot could it be if the winner of Best Heel (or any category) is in a tuxedo accepting his award and then is interrupted by any of its other runner-ups. Then the action begins turning into a rip and strip match!!


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