A hot, hairy heel like Morgan Cruise has got you in a figure-four choke and commands you to jerk off, what do you do? Do you sell the choke, moaning and thrashing, your eyes rolling and saliva leaking out the corner of your mouth? Or do you pull that pud till your balls clench up tight and you shoot a geyser of cum that splats down on your honey-colored tummy? I say 80% of the problem is in the situation. How can Marc Merino--how could anybody--do both things at once? So in BG East's latest jobber beatdown can I blame Marc for temporarily ignoring Cruise's hairy thighs at his throat and squinting down at his cock as he strokes? No, in all honesty, I cannot.

Morgan criticizes Marc again and again for wasting that hot body of his. For not doing aerobics, not practicing yoga, not mounting an offense--or a defense either. Was Morgan unaware that this video would be titled Muscle Destruction? Look, once the title flat-out tells you you're a goner, what's the point of putting up an offense? But let me tell you this: Whatever it is that Marc Merino is doing in the gym is all right by me! Six or seven times while Morgan was bending and twisting that muscle-stacked torso of his, I shot. All it took was seeing that smooth, firm, bulging stomach stretched to its limit, heaving in and out as he struggled to breathe. That's a stomach I could paint my masterpiece on if I were an artist. I could write poems to that stomach. Few things would please me more than to rest my head on that stomach while Marc and I watch Seasons 1 through 4 of Spartacus, that is, whenever the new season comes out on Blu Ray.

But it is not just Marc Merino's stomach that wows me. Those Christopher Moltisanti eyes knock me out, too. And I'm a huge fan these days of the chin patch and buzzcut combo, in case anybody is interested. But could it hurt to leave a little something dark and salty in the pits?

That said, I have to say (for the umpteenth time) that I'm typically more a fan of two hardy lugs smacking each other down and around and trying to mess each other up, give-and-take style. I have liked some Jobberpaloozer and Hunkbash matches, but they are more the exceptions than the rule. And in the ones I have liked, typically the jobbers and the hunks give as good as they take--for a little while--even if just to raise false hopes in me, the most gullible mark in the world. Marc might have emoted just a wee bit more, for my tastes, even though I know it's hard to slap the salami and plead for your life at the same time. Different as this match is from the stuff I usually go for, my cock voted decisively in its favor.

This is not my absolute favorite match in the BGE Catalog 97--that would probably be either Firestorm vs Tomsen or Adamov vs Quinn in Ring Revenge, not to imply that I have seen everything in the catalog. But Muscle Domination was the "surprise hit" of the lot. I was totally blown away by it. No small part of the credit goes to heel superstar Morgan Cruise. The man rocks. He meticulously gives every luscious piece of Merino a good drubbing before he's done with him. Chest, arms, midsection, thighs, head. But truthfully it was mostly Marc Merino who sold me on this match. Not so much anything he did, but just the whole 210-pound fact of him, looking hot, suffering Morgan's delicious abuses, and finally squeezed into blissful sleepytime by Morgan's iron-like muscle.

I have removed some photos featuring explicit nudity from this posting because they belong to The Arena at BGEast, which owns exclusive rights to them.


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