Teen Pro Wrestling

Despite poor video quality and a two-camera setup (with very little from the ringside camera), this championship match from Teen Pro Wrestling in 1993 is well worth the watch. The challenger, Curt Roberts, gives the champ, Scott Sharkey, a tough time, but hard muscle and fair play win the day. Founded by Phil Watson in 1990, TPW focused on scientific wrestling and gentlemanly conduct (for the most part). Its roster consisted of young wrestlers-in-training ages 16 to 19, and they toured Ontario and the Maritime provinces in the company of Midget Mania. I'm not sure if and when the promotion ceased to exist, but some of its talent (e.g. "Danger Boy" Derek Wylde) went on to indy success. I want to thank Gerald, a friend of this blog, for letting me know about this group and its presence on YouTube.


  1. I'm pleased to be considered a friend. You found out a lot of info iabout the promotion.

    Someone should revive the concept. Just look at the various backyard wrestling. Dangerous if not properly supervised, but despite the overall dismal quality of wrestlers and wrestling, there is a very real talent pool. And larger and more sophisticated than in the '90s.

  2. Sometimes, as I watch matches, but especially these, I almost see the opponents as representing the classic HS cliques: the jocks, the freaks, the greasers, occasionally the geeks and goths.

    I saw this as a freak vs. jock match. This time I was rooting for the jock. In another similar match I supported the freak. This sometimes occurs even in pro matches.


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