Big Red

I am in awe of Crimson's torso. I like BIG, though apparently a bit less than McMahon and company do. Six-foot-six just speaks to me somehow, and Crimson wears his 252 pounds splendidly, as we can see here in this 2012 TNA match against the smaller, but more experienced British wrestler Douglas Williams. Crimson's broad shoulders taper quickly to a long waist, ideally matched with long, muscular thigh muscles. Of course, the slightly convex but firm belly is exactly the sort of thing I like, too. That massive back looks intimidating even under Ice-Capades-lighting. He sports more body art than he wore just over three years ago when he first caught my eye, but it's all quality ink, and only accentuates the grace and power of his physique.

I don't know the backstage machinations that brought an end to Crimson's touted 470-day no-loss streak at Impact Wrestling a month after this match and, quickly thereafter, scooted him over to TNA's training camp at Ohio Valley Wrestling. Admittedly, I have not followed his career closely at all, having been without cable or satellite connects for going on three years. The match itself is fairly short--and routine--typical of TV matches, and a commercial clears away several minutes at the middle. But his prolonged sadistic choke on Williams is something that will live on in my imagination for a while, I think. And we do get a good closeup of Crimson glaring triumphantly between Williams' upraised knees at the end. 


  1. Lordy! I adore hot redheads!

    But I have to wonder what match the announcers were watching before the break you mentioned. They kept saying tha Crimson dominated that part of the match when, to the contrary, it was Williams in control most of the time. It was only in the next part that Crimson was dominant and even then Williams got in some good licks.

    It's easy to blame the favoritism sometimes seen during pro matches, but I've seen the same phenomenon in pro and Olympic boxing where the commentary is completely divorced from reality. It's almost like they see what they want to see instead of what's actually happening before their eyes. In judge-scored boxing the disconnect can be an embarrassment.


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