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Here, in a speedy 17-minute championship fight, is why I love Japanese wrestling ... and Kenny Omega. Kenny, 6', 202#, was the All-Japan junior heavyweight champ on November 27th, 2011, when he faced the challenge of Minoru Tanaka, 5'9", 200#. The crowd loves Kenny and detests Minoru, especially at that moment when Omega quietens the noisy fans so that they can hear him mock his opponent (in impressively right-sounding Japanese) and then hear Tanaka wailing in pain. Here in one pulse-racing match are the elements that make great wrestling for me: side headlocks, hair- and trunk-pulling, stiff chops and kicks to the chest and shoulders, life-and-death struggles upon the ropes, wrestlers tossing their opponents back into the ring to take more of what's coming to them, sweaty corner work, suspicious use of the ropes, concentrating torture on one specific body part (in this case Kenny's left arm), two hot guys staggering on their feet and still slugging it out, and a steady stream of escalating violence that climaxes in a skull-smashing and career-defining finish.


  1. It looks very intense and hot. Omega has an excellent build and Tanaka is no slouch in that department either.

    I'll have to check out the video soon.

  2. I followed some of the links to this post and on one someone made the comment of your excellent taste, by which he meant that you agreed with him.

    Despite the fact that we part company on some matters (I'm thinking about Eli Black), I constantly amazed that we share so many preferences.

    But even more remarkable is how often you will articulate a thought or opinion that is mine as well. Maybe in part because we're almost exactly the same age, we also share memories of past practice and wrestling and non-wrestling icons of an earlier era.

    In some ways this is the most satisfying part of visiting here to know that I'm not alone in my mind. I remember that when I was very young I wondered whether I was the only one masturbating several times a day after seeing a wrestling match, reading a superhero comic, looking lustily at magazine models (physique or Sears), wanting to see a TV actor shirtless more often for a longer period of time, or fantasizing about my elementary school phys ed teacher, janitor, or Mr. Paskarzi, the sixth grade teacher when I was in the third grade. It was lonely and I wondered if I was abnormal in an unhealthy way. It was so reassuring to find out that I wasn't unique or even judged to be somehow wrong, according to the parents' guide to sexuality my very hot church camp counselor gave me to read.

    There were several such counselors over three years and my cabin bed witnessed my crushes on them. No inappropriate behavior, which was best for my youthful mental health, but a vaguely resentful regret now. How did we luck out to have them? I mean they were all college age and athletic, but there was never a lack of jo inspirations. I still remember Mike about 40 years later, which would embarrass him, I'm sure.

    But I'm meandering. I hope that my appreciation of this blog is clear.

    1. Thank you, Almatolmen. We have very similar histories indeed. One of the nice surprises this blog pulled on me was the feedback of guys like you whose love for wrestling has made me feel less alone, too. I never expected the blog to be much more of anything but a way to vent my feelings and thoughts about wrestling's eroticism along with its other appeals. Anything more than a dozen or so readers was never expected. I am surprised the blog has lasted as long as it has. In life, it's difficult for me to find gay and bi friends who take my interest in wrestling as anything but an amusing quirk. It is in fact rather amusing, I suppose, but I appreciate the comments and feedback that assure me that out there in the ethereal world of satellite communications I have brothers and kindred spirits ... even if our tastes are not identical (nor should they be).

  3. Thank you!!!

    BTW, all my youthful, pre-pubertyl mastubation fantasies weren't sexual in form, but took their scripts from wrestling. My very muscular, general contractor neighbor (and father of my best neighborhood friends) vs. Clint Eastwood, for example. As hot as CE was, Jack won every time!

  4. I watched the match featured. Very enjoyable. Then went to a spectacular match vs. Fergal Devitt. Omega and Devitt would make a smokin' and sizzlin' tag team combination. Why don't promoters see, acknowledge, and implement my genius ideas? ;)


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